On Mahesh Mahbubani as a Teacher & Choreographer

"Mahesh Mahbubani is a very talented and versatile teacher of dance, the dance performance by his class was very impressive, he worked well with varying ages and nationalities"
Dr. C.L. Mittal
American Embassy School, New Delhi


"Mahesh's gifts and area of competence was choreography for garment modeling and the accompanying ballet, his work was well planned"
Sr C Braganza- Directress Sophia Polytechnic College Fashion Dept,. 1987


In 2005 Mahesh Mahbubani was made the head of the dance department to curate the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.


"Mahesh brilliantly curated the entire dance component of the KGAF (Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2005), which included various dance styles from clasical to modern dance, leaving the audience mesmerized."

S. K. Bharucha secretary of Kala Ghoda Association


"Mahesh Mahbubani is a sought after man today, he's got where he is because he knows his own worth"
Asian Age 1999

Festival of India

"Enigmatic Mahesh had the audience spell bound as he twisted & twirled with fascinating speed, just like an ice skater performing multiple spins"
--Susan Clifton Tucker for the Gibraltar Chronicle



Shakti Sutra conceived and directed by Mahesh Mahbubani for International Woman's Day March 1998

"Shakti Sutra or the spiral of life took shape with Sangita Kathwada and her designers joining forces with dancer choreographer Mahesh Mahbubani to create a show that show cased both dance and design in tandem."
--Nilakshi Sengupta - Indian Express


"The city witnessed a unique performance of interepretative dance"
--Piyali Das Gupta - Metro 1


The summer 98 collection held at the convocation hall of mumbai university had seven exquisite sequences choreographed by Mahesh Mahbubani"
--Meher Castelino - Midday


International Woman's day and the performance shakti sutra, the stages in a woman's life wa sdirected and choreographed by Mahesh Mahbubani, the 8 dancers 5 women and three men including Mahbubani moving, not in tandem, but as a fluid step, each one interpreting the emotions, his approach is unusual, the dancers waftedin, took foetal layful, sensual, geometric & precise positions"
--Chatura Rao - Midday

Jaya the Musical Montage on Mahabharata

"I was impressed by Mahesh Mahbubani's choreography which, thank heavens, was not flashy, but was strong and imaginative. the creation of the Draupadi Vastraharan sequence was particularly interesting"
--Shanta Gokhale Times of India



"Jaya was a trail blazerwith ingenious Choreography by Mahesh Mahbubani"
--Nilakshi Sengupta - Indian Express



"Mahesh Mahbubani did invent the Abhimanyu sequence with a certain martial charge and vigour"
--Arundhatti Subramaniam - Times of India



"Since most of the cast have stage experience, there is ease of movement, which is amplified by the craft of choreographer Mahesh Mahbubani, he also plays abhimanyu in the brilliantly fluid dance sequence with the chariot wheel" 
--Times of India



The dances choreographed by mahesh mahbubani showcase the fusion of indian classical dance with modern dance forms of the west"
--Times of India


A Soldier's Tale

The Amadeus Ensemble, from U.K peformed THE SOLDIER'S TALE by Stravinsky to packed houses, staged in collaboration with the Indian acting and directing talents of Mahesh Mahbubani's Naach Theatre group. A commission by British Council, Mumbai India
A Staff Reporter - Midday


When filmmaker Govind Nihalani turned commercial with Thakshak he roped in choreographer Mahesh Mahbubani to direct Nethra Raghuraman's slinky number Toofan ki raat for the film. 
--Lata Khubchandani