BOLLYWOOD FUSION - A global style with an Indian essence A Unique Style created by Dance Guru Mahesh Mahbubani. Bollywood Fusion is an ecelectic blend of diverse world dance forms such as folk, classical, hip hop/bhangra, indo jazz, latin, Afro and Egyptian dance.


Mahesh launched his own community based dance company Naach Houston in 2011 and acquired studio space in 2012. Currently Mahesh teaches Bollywood Fusion, Contemporary and Bombay Jam fitness classes at the studio. 


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Sea Rock Hotel(ITC group) Mumbai- 1980
Mahesh began his teaching career with renowned health & diet practitioner Mrs. Ramma Bans, teaching aerobics at the health club


Holiday Inn, Mumbai- 1981 -1984
Mahesh combined exercise and dance to form dancercise for men which he taught at the health club.

Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi, 1985-86
Mahesh taught yoga and aerobics to the health club members, ladies & men. 

British Embassy School, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, 1985-86
Mahesh taught modern dance to the school children ages 10yrs-15yrs


Mahesh created a platform for the students to do a performance at the end of the academic year. 

Mumbai- Sophia College(fashion design dept) 1987
Mahesh taught movement and dance, keeping deportment as the primary focus for the fashion design students, thus helping in developing a positive and confident self image, through their body language.


Mahesh also choreographed two student fashion shows, teaching the students the importance of how a model displays the garment, based on its specific design. 

S. N. D. T. College, Mumbai(fashion dept)1987
Mahesh taught yoga and dance for one year.


Sindhi Cultural Association, Gibraltar- 1988-1991 & Sindhi Cultural Association, London- 1995 
Mahesh taught Bollywood style of dance to children from various age groups such as 5 yrs - 16 yrs, he also choreographed various charity shows, working with the parents and children of the Sindhi community.

The purpose of this project was to build communication skills, improve and develop physical fitness and mental agility.

Mahesh used dance as a recreational means within the context of a community, to promote social, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. 

Harrods Store, Knightsbridge, London- 1993 -94 
Mahesh taught body conditioning using Pilates and alexander technique, to the staff of Harrods, teaching them ways to alleviate their mental and physical stress, caused by the demands of their jobs. The class also allowed employees to interact with each other in an informal environment, thus improving their social and communication skills, building team spirit, which reflected in their attitude at the work place. 

Xavier's Institute of Communication, Mumbai, 1998- 2003

Mahesh set up the first course on movement and dance for film.The course included the students to experience laban's effort theory based on time, weight, space and flow, within a workshop format. The students were taught to explore the above with time and space qualities pertaining to the camera( framing and angles- element of camera space) and movement of camera( rhythm element). The students were given an assignment to deconstruct a music video, a song sequence in a feature film, based on a choreological framework, to understand how meaning was constructed. The students were given a choice of a narrative based theme, to create a body of dance & mvt work to be filmed using linear style of edit or a montage. The students were evaluated based on their film which revealed their understanding of movement and dance as a means of non-verbal communication for film.

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad 2001

Taught a workshop in collaboration with Professor David Schorr, NY, USA. The workshop aimed at exploring drawing through dance. 

The program objective was to facilitate a deeper understanding of the human body as a tool for creative expression in various design disciplines.

Nrityagram - Dance Village Bangalore, India 1998 onwards 
Mahesh is currently on the faculty and has taught there since 1998, his work here involved in teaching the dancers choreological studies( movement analysis) to help them gain awareness of odissi the primary classical dance practiced at the gurukul, from a choreological perspective.

Mahesh worked with Surupa Sen, the principal dancer and creative director of Nrityagram, exploring ideas on choreography within the classical context of Odissi.

Mahesh also devised a body conditioning program, suitable to the meet the physical demands, within the practice of odissi, the aim was to aid the dancers with a means to strengthen and stretch the muscles.