Mahesh Mahbubani was born on the 19th of Nov 1963 in Mumbai, India he danced as a child to express his inner most desires, that which had no words in the everyday context.

Dance as Mahesh puts it: "It was something that naturally emerged from within me and found expression through my body, as a child and now I feel that dance entirely belongs to me, and stays with me always, and so as a child I chose to make it my life partner, and commit my life to it.It is through dance that I have come to know and understand myself, and integrate all the parts of my personality."

"Dance makes me happy and brings me peace and clarity in my daily life. It is this sense of wholeness that I experience within me which is my motivation to share it with the world at large."

In 1981, Mahesh was approached to teach aerobics by well known health and fitness expert Mrs Ramma Bans. At the same time, he also got involved with choreography and styling for fashion houses, theatre and nightclubs in Mumbai and New Delhi.Mahesh wanted a formal training so he moved to Europe in 1988, where he began his classical ballet and contemporary dance training in Spain. His teacher in Gibraltar Paulette Finlayson encouraged him to study at the world renowned "Laban Centre for Movement & Dance" in London.Mahesh attended summer school there in 1991 and was subsequently selected for a one year Diploma in Dance Studies.


In 1992 he auditioned for a scholarship and was the first non-resident Indian in London to win a full time dance scholarship at the Centre. He was awarded the B.A. Hons in Movement & Dance in 1995.He returned to Mumbai, India in 1995 and has been working successfully as a choreographer, performing artist and teacher. 

In January 2005 Mahesh Mahbubani was appointed head of the Dance Department for the Kala ghoda arts and crafts festival and curated the Dance segment for the Kala Ghoda Arts and Crafts Festival 2005, Mumbai, to critical acclaim.Mahesh Mahbubani,s diverse educational and professional background in the East and the West, has allowed him to develop a social and cultural experiential understanding of both these worlds.Mahesh uses this experience to understand the aesthetic sensibilities required in a job pertaining to a specific culture.This approach has become his strength in communicating, with greater freedom and sensitivity, bridging the social and cultural gap, in all his collaborative work in Dance, Film and Theatre.


Mahesh Mahbubani is a multi dimensional person with many facets to his creative personality, he breaks all known creative boundaries by exploring aspects of dance theatre through the medium of film.Mahesh has been working with film from 1991 onwards, exploring the role of costume, make-up, styling, lighting, props, sound design and film editing to communicate meaning in his work.

Mahesh through his work is constantly expanding his present perception of the Performing arts as an integrated expression parallel with other creative disciplines.

In 2007, Mahesh took a sabbatical ,visiting his family in the United States of America. During this period he met Dr. Rathna Kumar , the Artistic Director of  The Anjali center for performing arts, who instantly recognized his immense talent and multi dimensional creative personality, invited Mahesh to work with the center as full time faculty,teaching Bollywood fusion and Indian Contemporary dance.

In 2012, Mahesh established his own dance company Naach Houston. He opened his own studio in December 2012 teaching Bollywood, Contemporary and Hip Hop dance forms all under one roof. His first independent production "The Show Must Go On" in August 2013 enthralled audiences with vibrant dances and thought   provoking themes.

Mahesh founded Moksh Community Arts in 2016, a non profit organization, that provides a performance platform through cross Cultural Collaborations in Dance, Music and Theatre using Multi media.